Employment Contracts – £395

We can draft a variety of contracts to suit you business needs. From standard contracts of employment to contracts for temporary workers and contractors, we will provide a template with clauses that offer you maximum protection as an employer.

As an absolute minimum, employees and workers, including casual and zero hours workers, must receive a written statement of the key terms and conditions of their employment from day one of their employment.

Issuing at least a basic statement of the main terms and conditions of employment is a requirement. But the use of a full-blown contract with clauses tailored to suit your needs offers you far greater opportunities in terms of flexibility and control.

“Should there ever be a dispute between you and your employee over the terms they’re employed under, the contract is much easier to prove if it’s in writing”


Staff Handbooks – £995

The aim of a Staff Handbook is to provide employees with general information about their employment.

The Staff Handbook draws together information on the Company’s rules, policies and procedures relating to key aspects of employment, and covers many of the more general topics about which employees sometimes ask questions.

It illustrates your intention as an employer to treat all employees fairly and consistently and to follow the law as regards employment practices. It also sets out your employee’s duties and responsibilities in relation to their employment relationship with the Company and the high standards of conduct that are expected of them.


Running a small business and in need of a handbook?

Look no further – download our customisable template today! Our comprehensive handbook template includes all the essential policies to keep your employees informed about expectations for just £295.

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